New York City is one step closer to getting its own night mayorLive Set Steve Angello Size In The Park Central New York 2012

New York City is one step closer to getting its own night mayor

New York appears to be inching closer into making the “Night Mayor” idea into a reality, based off a recent vote within the Consumer Affairs Committee to create a specialized Office Of Nightlife. The office would be lead by a Director Of Nightlife, more-or-less the equivalent of a Night Mayor, and serviced by a Nightlife Advisory board. Residents will find out whether or not the Office will come official on August 24, when the full council will take a vote on whether or not to begin funding it.

The Office Of Nightlife’s mission will of course be to preserve, protect, and assist in revitalizing a damaged New York nightlife by way of making recommendations to the council and city mayor that have the industry and civilians’ best interests in mind. New York is the first city on American soil to seek their own version of a Night Mayor, and follows in the footsteps of London and Amsterdam.

Heightened gentrification rates with spiked rents in addition to conflicts between new residents and pre-existing characteristics of the neighborhoods they’ve moved into have led to a mass persecution nightlife institutions, creating a need for such a position to ensure a fair balance is struck between culture and commercialism.


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