ODESZA put out a whimsical 11th episode of NO.SLEEPOdesza No.Sleep 11

ODESZA put out a whimsical 11th episode of NO.SLEEP

ODESZA are proven masterminds of euphoria, seamlessly shepherding their crowds into ecstatic states with each new single and live show with a skill that not many possess. They showcase their ability once more by way of their latest NO.SLEEP mix — a rare and surprise treat given the last episode of the series had been recorded prior to their breakthrough sophomore album, In Return.

The 11th episode of NO.SLEEP is plenty whimsical, packed to the brim with warm, vintage-tinged melodies and diversified through various rhythmic patterns. ODESZA made sure to select a large portion of vocal tracks for their mix as well, adding to the sentimentality with nostalgic voices and touching lyrics. By the end of the hour, listeners are left feeling light and content — almost as they’d just seen a live gig by the two.

This edition of NO.SLEEP was once again released in a timely fashion around their new album titled A Moment Apart, which comes out on September 8. As such, a couple of its singles make appearances throughout.

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