Pegboard Nerds & Motopony – FreePegboard Nerds Motopony Free

Pegboard Nerds & Motopony – Free

Motopony‘s already infectious music has blurred the edges between psychedelic folk and rock music and their latest collaboration with Pegboard Nerds pushes the electronic music spectrum even further into fuzzy territory. Motopony’s lead singer Daniel Blue previously struggled with marrying the project’s style with electronic music elements, but his efforts with Pegboard Nerds and Elizaveta “completely transformed” his thinking.

The idea for “Free” started bouncing around in Blue’s mind while reading The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abrams. Blue concluded that a life lived in subpar relations with the world around oneself could be attributed to the sickness, war, and suffering around the globe. Following this epiphany of sorts, Blue says he chose to view himself as part of the world rather than just a user.

Blue’s ultimate conclusion was this uplifting piece with Pegboard Nerds.

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