Rob Swire announces he’s making a new Pendulum albumPendulum 1

Rob Swire announces he’s making a new Pendulum album

It’s been seven years since a new Pendulum album, but fans have always clung to the hope that the drum & bass group will someday reconvene for new material. After all this time, it appears the wait is over.

On Aug. 10, Rob Swire voiced his frustration with the current electronic music scene on Twitter.

“I am so fucking bored of EDM and lit drops and Serum patches and fEsTiVaL bAsS,” he said. “I’m gonna make a new Pendulum album. It’s going to have guitars and vox and dnb and be completely irrelevant, which I’m starting to think might actually be a good thing.”

The group has continued to play shows like Ultra Japan and Ultra Sinapore as Pendulum, but it’s been years since Immersion took the dance music world by force with its fiery fusion of electronic and rock music.

Pendulum parted ways with Warner Music to work under their own label, Earstorm. In an interview at the end of July, Swire and Gareth McGrillen told Music Week that this shift will allow for more creative control.

“We’re looking forward to the freedom of being able to release what we want, when we want and how we want to release it.”

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