Slushii showcases ability to produce multiple genres in debut album, ‘Out of Light’Slushii Out Of Light

Slushii showcases ability to produce multiple genres in debut album, ‘Out of Light’

Many artists are focusing on releasing singles as opposed to full albums, given the shift away from CDs toward radio hits and streaming. Slushii has decided to go all in and released a 13-track album, Out of Light, on Aug. 4.

Slushii experiments with multiple genres finding a way to infuse his signature style with each experimentation in his debut album. Not only does he show the breadth of his production abilities in the 13-track compilation, but the producer himself was the vocalist for the entire album. Slushii fans have heard a few of these tracks before the album’s debut, including “I Still Recall,” “Dear Me” and “Step by Step.”

A few highlights:

“Someone Else” is a groovier housier sound that is a new vibe compared to Slushii’s previous releases.

“Melting Over You” verges on Moombahton with a beat sure to take over festival and club sets.

“My Senses,” while not Moombahton, combines pop lyrics with a Caribbean drop to give the album another track out of Slushii’s usual style.

“Out of Light” is the title track of the album, beautifully combining sounds, synths, and Slushii’s vocals for a track sure to become his next big hit.

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