Sony Music and Dubset strike groundbreaking deal legalizing unofficial remixesSony Logo 1

Sony Music and Dubset strike groundbreaking deal legalizing unofficial remixes

With the popularity of streaming services skyrocketing in recent years, artists, record companies, and the services themselves have been playing a game of legal catch-up, trying to determine how much money everyone deserves. In a groundbreaking new deal, Sony Music has partnered with Dubset, a tech startup specializing in music identification software, to allow artists to publish mixes and unofficial remixes using Sony Music artists.

Dubset’s music “fingerprinting” software will analyze audio files to see if they contain music from Sony Music artists. If they do, Sony and the artist will get a cut of the profits. With Warner Music and Universal Music reportedly working towards similar deals, Soundcloud may no longer be the unique option for uploading unofficial remixes. After a tumultuous summer for the streaming service, this cannot bode well for their future. With laws and technology surrounding the streaming industry finally modernizing, Spotify, Apple Music, and more have the potential to become a hotbed for innovation.

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