The spiritual father of bass Tchami unveils ‘Revelations’ EPTchami

The spiritual father of bass Tchami unveils ‘Revelations’ EP

Known for his distinct weighty style complimented by bruising waves of bass and creative harmonious undertones, the spiritual father of bass music, Tchami, has graced us with an EP of otherworldly proportions. Revelations features six eclectic tracks, some of which have been previewed during Tchami’s sets over the past several months, and others which come as a heavenly surprise from the transcendent artist.

Tchami’s signature sound is categorized by an unmatched mellifluous vibe of rolling harmonies and strange, deep stylistic touches such as distorted vocals and intriguing instrumental samples. His sound is comparable to no other producer in the game right now, as every release echoes a foreign reality.

The first track on the album, “World To Me” features a riveting structure of layers bass with a tropical-feeling melody all tied together by Luke James’ soulful vocals.

“Godspell” featuring Taiki Nulight flaunts Tchami’s harder side with a rough, gritty sound, aggressive vocal samples, and a heavy backbone of beats giving the track a unique rigidness that makes grooving along irresistible.

The next track, “Don’t Let Me Down” is where Tchami flexes his versatility, as a touch of pop flare is added between staggering progressions of heavy hitting, energy infused beats, making for a tasteful balance of rugged edges and rounded melody.

“Zeal” will teleport listeners to an oasis of ecstasy as brilliant, glimmering notes of synth are effortlessly placed over moving, rhythmic chords. The song is truly uplifting and shows off Tchami’s more playful side with a bright, alluring melody and easy beat.

The second to last song on the EP, “Adieu” is one of Tchami’s classics, played out in his sets as a steady interlude. With intriguing, echoing vocals, and oscillating notes, the piece escalates into a deep, stunning trance.

Lastly, “Adieu, Pt. II” closes out the mesmerizing extended play with a breathtaking, more downtempo vibe, showcasing relaxing snare patterns, minimalist bridges, and light piano chords.

With Revelations, Tchami brings a creativity to the table unlike any other artist within his subgenre. The distinct nature of his sound makes Tchami’s music truly one of a kind, however it comes to no surprise that Tchami possesses the mastery to produce an EP of this magnitude.

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