STREAM: Mura Masa remixes Bonzai’s “I Feel Alright”6ad930eca9dc781d7fd82d7c9518f0734b14651a

STREAM: Mura Masa remixes Bonzai’s “I Feel Alright”

Following a tastefully produced album debuting a widespread mix of his production abilites, Alex Crossan has continued to wow fans with his remarkably distinctive touch on anything from future bass, to indie-pop. Better known by his stage name Mura Masa, the genre-breaking producer has flourished throughout 2017. From R&B and hip-hop laden collaborations with A$AP Rocky and Desiigner, to up-beat and glistening compositions alongside Charli XCX and Bonzai, the European producer has quickly garnered attention across the world with his vast library of effulgent works.

Ensuring that fans are constantly content with his compilation of music, Crossan has once again demonstrated sheer brilliance with his latest remix of Bonzai’s “I Feel Alright.” After the initial release of the exquisite ballad towards the beginning of July, the producer followed with an elegant addition to the song, adorning it with lush pulses and indulgent instrumental works.

Meandering listeners on a musical journey with this remix, Mura Masa without a doubt continues to prove his versatile production capabilities, undeniably affirming himself as one of 2017’s brightest standouts.

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