Elrow responds to allegations of tear gas-like substance sprayed on crowds at festivalElkrow Festival

Elrow responds to allegations of tear gas-like substance sprayed on crowds at festival

Elrow‘s Festival took place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London this past weekend, and the pleasant festival experience turned very sour when a tear-gas like substance was reportedly sprayed over the crowd. The substance was allegedly dispersed over the crowd during Jamie Jones‘ DJ set between 8 and 9PM local time, and festival goers say they were left coughing, unable to breath, and with burning eyes.

The substance was described as coming from the right of the stage, and security guards were unable to determine where the gas was coming from or what specifically it was. The gas has been described as similar to either pepper spray or tear gas.

Festival goers have taken to social media to question what the gas was and how it entered the festival and organizers have yet to respond.

Update: 08/21/2017 12:33 PM EDT: 

An Elrow representative reached out to Dancing Astronaut to provide the following statement and clarifications for the event:

“In response to comments on social media from members of the public who attended the elrow Town London event this weekend that ‘tear gas’ was disseminated during one of the shows, we want to reassure people that this was not the case and have been provided with statements from key officials including the Metropolitan Police Service stating ‘there was no belief that any noxious substance had been discharged.’ Security Operations Managers have also confirmed “no evidence of criminal or any anti-social activity”.
The onsite Medical Manager has reported that “no-one presented themselves to the medical team having suffered the effects of tear gas or any similar substances(s).”
And a statement from the Incident Response Manager confirmed that “After a full investigation and thorough liaison with all partner agencies and organisations, I was unable to find any indication or information that could be gained to support the suggestion that any irritant had been released.  Elrow was a safe and successful event where over 25,000 people enjoyed the spectacular over the weekend”

Investigations are ongoing as to what may have caused the the irritant effects reportedly experienced by a few customers, however these effects are not inline with symptoms caused by tear gas. Elrow organisers are available for any further comment or information for this wishing to understand more.”

H/T: EDMTunes and Daily Star

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