Thunderstorms cause Moonrise Festival evacuation [UPDATED]Moonrise Festival

Thunderstorms cause Moonrise Festival evacuation [UPDATED]

Attendees of the fourth Moonrise Festival held in Maryland have been asked to evacuate the premises as of 6:15pm EST. Due to impending thunderstorms, festival grounds have been shut down indefinitely. The festival staff began directed attendees to leave, and after some protest, the grounds since have been cleared.

Although it was not yet raining when they made the call, the forecast predicts high speed winds, heavy rainfall, and lightning. Announcements have been made that indicate festival staff will guide everyone at Moonrise to a nearby area that is protected from lightning, which has since been revealed as the nearby Pimilco stadium. It is unclear whether or not the festival will resume; however, the skies do not look like they will clear up anytime soon.

It seems weather hasn’t been kind to festivals taking place across the globe this weekend. While the potential danger caused by lightning and harsh rains led to the evacuation of Moonrise, intense wildfires caused by dry weather in the Vancouver, Canada area also led to the early evacuation of Shambhala.


Thunderstorms cause Moonrise Festival evacuation [UPDATED]Moonrise Evac


This post will be updated as the story develops. 

UPDATE: Some last-minute luck fell upon festivalgoers later on in the day as Moonrise deemed the storm as not too big a threat, after all. The festival re-opened on Saturday evening and performances festivities proceeded unhindered.




Reporting done onsite by Kassi Chrys 


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