Is a Tigerlily x Avicii collaboration in the works???Untitled 1

Is a Tigerlily x Avicii collaboration in the works???

Tigerlily has mail.

The Australian DJ shared a video to her Instagram account mere hours ago that follows a deliveryman’s trail as he hands off a thick black box to her at her poolside post. Tigerlily lifts the lid of the box, uncovering Avicii‘s signature logo and stage name printed at the bottom of what appears to be a note, despite the text’s intentional obscurity from the camera. Upon reading the message, Tigerlily begins to sway to the youthful background beat, a number that based on its pairing with the teaser Instagram vid, just might be a clip of an exclusive new Avicii and Tigerlily collaboration, as suggested by the mystery package’s delivery.

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“What’s in the box???” Tigerlily taunts, following up her question with a statement that only seems to bolster the possibility of a Tigerlily/Avicii collab: “something very exciting is coming soon…#avicii2017.” Whatever Tigerlily and Avicii are up to, its hardly subtle — but color us excited.

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