Tim Engelhardt debuts on Vivrant with ‘Maks’ EPTim Engelhardt Time Will Save Your Soul

Tim Engelhardt debuts on Vivrant with ‘Maks’ EP

Jeremy Olander’s Vivrant imprint has come to embody the new breed of progressive house. While the label initially served as a recurring home for Olander’s growing catalogue of original music, it has since expanded to include the likes of formidable upcoming talent like Eekkoo, Khen and more.

The latest addition to the label is Tim Engelhardt: the German wunderkind who has found himself on an indefatigable run of big releases. With a recent EP on Cityfox and a full album on Poker Flat, Engelhardt’s 2017 has been prolific to say the least.

Engelhardt’s new Vivrant EP, Maks, is a polished offering, bringing three blissful original tracks into the fold. Title track “Maks” is a clear stand out with its cascading melody and complimentary chord progression. It’s the kind of track that is bound to enamor dancefloors with its delectable melodic progression. Subsequent tracks “Poly Seven” and “Time Will Save Your Soul” prove just as appealing, albeit more cerebral in nature.

Engelhardt’s new EP is ultimately a testament to Vivrant’s ability to seek out cutting edge new talent in the scene. If anything, the EP proves that Vivrant has evolved far beyond just a home for Olander’s music, but a growing institution in the progressive world.

Listen to Maks in full below and purchase it on Beatport here.

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