TJANI – Pad Thai ft. Gracie (Hotel Garuda Remix)Hotel Garuda Pad Thai

TJANI – Pad Thai ft. Gracie (Hotel Garuda Remix)

“We felt like going a little harder with this one.”

No kidding. Hotel Garuda‘s natural mellow vibe takes the back burner to make way for this catchy deep house remix of TJANI’s “Pad Thai.”

For the first minute and a half of the track, the duo would have the listener believe it’s going to be a relatively lowkey take on the song. But after a short build, they drop their rework into a fury of deep house mania.

Hotel Garuda come up for air from the intensity of the beat to accentuate Gracie’s delicate vocals, creating a perfect balance in their remix. Mystical synths and dramatic drums in the builds add to the unique flair of this remix, while the driving deep house beat after the drop makes it more of a dance floor anthem. These elements combined create an marvelous remix that sits pretty in Hotel Garuda’s already stellar discography.

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