TroyBoi releases extraordinarily versatile 20-track debut album, ‘Left Is Right’Troyboi

TroyBoi releases extraordinarily versatile 20-track debut album, ‘Left Is Right’

Coming off a massive North American tour announcement and a stunning main stage performance opening for Bassnectar at Oregon Eclipse, Southeast London producer TroyBoi has built a global fan base in just a few short years with his experimental trap productions and artistically-driven live performances.

In the past, TroyBoi has been known for massive collaborations with the likes of Diplo, Grandtheft, and Stooki Sound. His highly-anticipated debut album, however, which was released Friday, August 25, comes chock full of 20 TroyBoi originals with a diverse, new kind of aesthetic the likes of which which we haven’t heard from TroyBoi before. Still, the productions bear all the qualities of Troyboi’s distinct sonic identity that is nearly impossible to pin down.

Showcasing melodies that are just as powerful as it’s bass lines, Left Is Right intertwines stylistic components from various genres, with collaborations from New York rapper Healthy Chill as well as the iconic Ice Cube.

Speaking to Noise Porn, TroyBoi said the following of the LP:

“The ‘Left is Right’ album is what I’ve wanted to do for the longest time, just purely because everything I was releasing was free downloads/singles. I really wanted to create a full body of work which, in a way, told a story, and also showed people what I can really do as a producer, not just make bangers or create this kind of song or that kind of song.”

TroyBoi will be hitting the road in early September with his ‘Left Is Right’ N.A. Tour in support of the new album, featuring an all original set comprised of music from Left Is Right.

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