Watch Armin Van Buuren’s 5.5 hour Untold Festival setScreen Shot 2017 08 13 At 5.19.39 PM

Watch Armin Van Buuren’s 5.5 hour Untold Festival set

When it comes to extended sets, Armin Van Buuren it goes without saying that knows what he’s doing.

The “I Need You” producer distinguishes his live sets by their respective lengths — whereas most DJs cap their sets at the one or two-hour mark, Van Buuren frequently tests the stamina of his crowds by playing sets that extend to three hours and beyond.

Originally scheduled to perform his customary three-hours at Romania’s Untold Festival, Van Buuren adjusted the schedule, delivering a five-and-a-half-hour surprise set rife with classic Van Buuren originals and engrossing trance tangents.

A moving spectacle to witness, such a long set is a commensurately emotional endeavor, and Van Buuren notably tears up during the performance during Jorn van Deynhoven’s classic remix to the song “RAMsterdam.” The festival set is finally now available to watched in full via the YouTube video above.


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