Watch This: How Hans Zimmer made ‘Dunkirk’ so intenseHans Zimmer

Watch This: How Hans Zimmer made ‘Dunkirk’ so intense

It’s fair to say that Hans Zimmer is nothing short of a wizard, capable of forming subtle yet notoriously gripping scores for a multitude of award-winning films. Unsurprisingly, his fantastic understanding of music and human perception has won him many an accolades, while critics and fans try to feverishly decode the formula that makes this musical genius tick.

A recent video shared by Vox offers basic yet clear and informative insight into some of the musical tricks used by the legendary composer in Christopher Nolan’s latest film, ‘Dunkirk.’

Zimmer makes clever use of an adaptation of an auditory phenomenon called a “Shepard Tone” — a series of notes that seem to progressively increase in pitch without ever actually getting shriller. This effect arouses a suspenseful feeling in listeners when coupled with Zimmer’s trademark chord progressions and sound design, and even more so when all these auditory elements are combined with Nolan’s overwhelming, intense war-time visuals.

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