After witnessing Barcelona terror attacks, Dubfire gives performance fee to victimsDubfire Vienna

After witnessing Barcelona terror attacks, Dubfire gives performance fee to victims

On Thursday, Aug. 17, Spain saw its deadliest attack since the Madrid bombings in 2004. A van plowed into pedestrians in Barcelona, leaving 13 dead and injuring more than 120.

Witness to these attacks was Iranian-American producer Dubfire, who was riding his bike near Ramblas and saw the horrific collision.

Though shaken from what he witnessed, the producer still followed through with his scheduled show on Friday at Barcelona’s The Light Off at Café Del Mar Boat Club. He also donated his performance fee to the victims and their families.

Read his full statement below.

Yesterday I was an eyewitness to the senseless terrorist attack on innocent victims along Las Ramblas in the beautiful city of Barcelona which I love very much. I am still in shock and trying to process what I saw. Sadly such attacks have become a “new normal” in our society. That being said, we cannot allow these cowardly acts of violence to disrupt our daily lives, stripping away our freedoms, because that is precisely what their goal is. Therefore, after careful consideration and discussion with my friends, colleagues and internal team, I have decided NOT to cancel my gig tonight at @thelightoffbarcelona in Barcelona. We WILL NOT give into fear but will unite through music and the celebration of friendship. I will also be donating my entire fee to a charity that will care for the victims and relatives of this tragedy. I hope that it helps in some way.

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