Anakim joins Understated with ‘Veins’ EPAnakim 1

Anakim joins Understated with ‘Veins’ EP

Anakim is a rising producer out of Los Angeles, steadily making his name in the scene’s flourishing underground. A graduate of the esteemed Icon Collective, Anakim wields a formidable sonic style that is both melodically rich and delightfully sinister.

For his debut EP, Anakim joins the freshly minted Understated Recordings: an extension of Understated’s growing events brand.

The two tracks, “Veins” and “Stranger Things,” are an expertly crafted showcase of Anakim’s unique abilities. There’s a certain sophistication to the compositions which clearly points to many years spent honing his ears on the dancefloor.

The most salient feature of both original works is Anakim’s tendency for central, driving melodic hooks. Layered with polished percussive work and measured arrangements, it’s a potent combination that ultimately makes for a praise-worthy debut from the LA upstart.

Anakim’s Veins EP is available on Beatport here.

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