Huge changes are coming to Bassnectar’s NYE massiveNectar

Huge changes are coming to Bassnectar’s NYE massive

It’s that time of year when Bassnectar‘s cult following begin planning their return to producer Lorin Ashton’s NYE 360 massive, held annually in the deep south. Yet, rumors have been swirling the past couple months that the NYE event would not only be shifting cities to Atlanta, but that Lorin was giving his iconic 360-degree stage set-up the axe.

The rumors, as it turns out, were true.

While this year’s NYE celebration might not be the 360 event Ashton has hosted previously in both Birmingham and Nashville, one can fully count on the Bassnectar team to bring forth a fully immersive, one-of-a-kind experience. Not to mention, some interesting line-up support from special guests What So Not, OTT and Phutureprimitive.

Ashton takes to his blog to explain the event, albeit in vague terms,

Our intention is to design a magical portal into an Alternate Universe… when you cross the Threshold we intend to explore new undiscovered dimensions using a time machine built out of human energy… sound unrealistic? We don’t think it’s unrealistic – we think it is inevitable (: We are returning to the same place where we held The Gathering in 2016, except taking over a new level of the building and moving the walls to create a totally new physical space – a custom cut Portal where we can converge as one big family to bring in the The Future together.

Experience NYE with Bassnectar at the Georgia World Congress Center on Sunday, December 31st. Tickets go on sale today, Sept. 22.

Huge changes are coming to Bassnectar’s NYE massiveBassnectar

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