Beyond The Booth 004: Solardo dive deep into the world of fishingSolardo

Beyond The Booth 004: Solardo dive deep into the world of fishing

Beyond the Booth is a feature dedicated to the hidden side of artists that exists outside electronic music— a side rarely discussed with those outside their immediate circle. We venture “beyond the booth,” so to speak, and dive into their deepest passions that tie into their unique personalities. After some self-introspection, each participant then returns to the booth, providing an exclusive mix for the Dancing Astronaut audience.

Anyone with a moderate pulse on the contemporary house scene has more than likely heard the name “Solardo” mentioned in their circles. The British duo has completely dominated their domain as of late, moving people to the center of dance-floors across the globe with their infectiously groovy sets and their knack for making music that can spruce up any record selection.

Their success since breaking out onto the scene has been nothing short of astronomical, with the boys soon landing themselves slots alongside some of the top talent in their arena at highly reputable events — the successful creation of their Sola imprint soon followed. Additionally, works such as “Tribesmen” and “Matador” have been rinsed with wide success over the past year since their release, securing Solardo’s name within the tech house sphere.

Many facets of Solardo’s being exist beyond their music, however. Fishing in particular has played a significant role in bother they lives. Upon discovering this intriguing hobby for a pair of musicians normally known to be raucously bouncing around on stage to a tech house soundtrack, the only natural route to go was to dive deep into the topic with them. No proverbial stone is left un-turned as we cover topics ranging from carp fishing to tips on different varieties of the sport, and more.

In addition, Solardo have also pledged an exclusive mix to top off the fishing discussion — a welcome treat for their return to the booth as they also discuss their upcoming gig at San Diego’s CRSSD Festival. Tickets here.


Beyond The Booth 004: Solardo dive deep into the world of fishingSolardo Snowbombing Credit Giles Smith



Tell us in detail about your first memory fishing, and the moment you fell in love with it.

I think my first memory of fishing was from a really early age, I want to say around 7. We had a lake quite close to where I grew up and I remember my mother used to take me there every weekend. I used to see all the fishermen around the lake and that inspired me to take it up. I actually remember the first fish I ever caught it was a Stickleback and I don’t think I had been so excited in my life.

What type of fishing do you prefer most? Line fishing? Fly fishing? Angling? Why this style in particular, and what are some of the benefits of this style compared to others?

My fishing of choice is without doubt Carp Fishing. For me it’s not just about fishing its about getting away from the day to day hustle and bustle of touring life and the music industry in general.

Have you ever traveled to a place for its excellent fishing reputation? If so, where, and what kind of fish was the place known for? In not, where is a place you’d love to go fish?

Yeah before the Solardo project really kicked off I used to go to a lake in France called Etang Ley Fays, 3-4 times a year for a week at a time, which is quite well known for BIG CARP fishing.

If you had to be a fish, what kind would you be and why? (We’ll allow you to use the shark variety because we’re nice)

Yeah your right I would probably be a Shark because at least that way I wouldn’t get eaten.

Fuck, marry, kill: sockeye salmon, ahi tuna, or halibut?

marry – ahi tuna. fuck – halibut. kill – sockeye salmon

What is the largest fish you’ve ever caught, and when/what type was it? Was it difficult for you to wrangle it into submission?

The biggest fish I’ve ever caught was a Common Carp and it weighed 57.4 pounds and it took me around 45 minutes to get it onto the bank and there was points in those 45 minutes that the cramp was that bad in my arm I was trying to give the rod to one of my friends and he was stood there in stiches calling me all sorts of names. It was a traumatic experience indeed.

Can you give new-comer fish aficionados some advice on technique, and other key items? What is the biggest mistake you can make as a rookie fisherman/woman?

Well it all depends on peoples commitments in life what type of fishing you could take up. For example the type of fishing that I do you have to commit ALOT of time to to have any real success. But if you wanted to say go sea fishing for the day it’s easily done if you have a busy lifestyle.

Has fishing in a way become more important as you’ve climbed the ranks in electronica? In other words, given its peaceful nature, would you say that it’s become almost a meditative/cleansing practice that you partake in to reset after life on the road?

Well the more success that we have had in the music industry the less I’ve been able to go fishing. I am definitely going to try and take a week off touring some time soon and go and sit in the middle of the wilderness by a lake and try not listen to music or consume any booze for at least a couple of days ha

Speaking of electronica, let’s bring things back a bit and touch upon your artistic lives. You guys recently made your CA debut at Avalon, and are now heading to San Diego for CRSSD. What are your thoughts on the Southern Californian scene, and what are your hopes for CRSSD Festival?

Well everyone I know that has played CRSSD festival has said its a really amazing place to play and this is the first festival we have played in California so we are really really excited. Yeah things seem to be really popping off in Cali at the moment. We just really hope that the house & techno kicks off in America like it has in Europe over the last few years.

Finally, tell us more about your fledgling Sola label — any big projects in the work for it next year?

All I’m going to say on the matter is we have some big plans for 2018!!!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!! (sorry I can’t give to much away)




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