Caribou hints at the possibility of new music in cryptic video

Caribou’s Dan Snaith has sent fans into a frenzy, as the possibility of the artist releasing new music now looms overhead.

It all began when Snaith uploaded a mysterious video — titled a simple “v” — to his YouTube yesterday. Snaith has since also shared the piece on Twitter and Facebook. In what clocks in at a mere 30 seconds, is a Caribou-style synth amidst a pleasantly distorted, rainbow-smeared visual.

But, due to the fact that Snaith maintains a reclusive presence, speculation immediately arose that new music could indeed be on the way. However, reddit user “taotechill” has found that the synth-spilling clip in “v” is actually “Vulture,” a tune off of Dan Snaith’s solo house project Daphni. According to “taotechill,” the tune “was first teased in Ben UFO’s Resident Advisor mix and is on Midland’s awesome new FabricLive 94 mix.”

Unfortunately, the tunes do share stark similarities. Nonetheless, we remain hopeful the emergence of the artist and the teaser may result in some long overdue material.

H/T: Stoney Roads

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