The Chainsmokers get burned by their own racist commentary

The Chainsmokers get burned by their own racist commentary

Chain smoking cigarettes is bad for you, and so is making commentary as a famous pop artist without thinking first before speaking. Unfortunately for The Chainsmokers, the latter of these items came to bite them after screenshots from a now-deleted tweet containing a questionable video re-surfaced on Buzzfeed.

The interview had been part of a promotional series for Ultra China, whose inaugural event took place in Shanghai on September 9 & 10. Everything seemed to be going fine at first, until the interviewer asked member Alex Pall if he brought his dog on tour with him. He’d advised he would, if his pet hadn’t been so badly behaved.

Pall then added, with a boisterous laugh: “Well, I don’t know if I’d bring her to China.”

This of course led to a firestorm on the internet, as ethnically Chinese people and Asians at large have long been trying to rid the negative stigma that “they’ll eat everything, even dogs.” Making matters worse was the fact that The Chainsmokers had willingly posted the clip on their Twitter, and that their interviewer himself was Asian.

As of press time, both The Chainsmokers and the video director Jeremiah Davis have yet to comment on the brewing controversy. View the series of snapshots below.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers 2The Chainsmokers 3The Chainsmokers 4The Chainsmokers 5The Chainsmokers 6


H/T: Buzzfeed


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