Darci – Life (Original Mix)Darci

Darci – Life (Original Mix)

A new secret about the enigmatic Darci has been revealed: the act is not comprised of one person, but two.

With this new piece of information in mind, the recently-outed duo has presented their followers with yet another sensual piece of bass music. “Life” takes things to a basic, yet impactful level, utilizing deep frequencies and clever vocal edits to create a calming effect on the brain. Minimal in nature, yet ethereal all the same, the indie bass clip makes for an adaptable piece that┬ádrives a party as well as it does a casual listening session.

Darci has taken the underground bass world by storm with pieces like “Some Say” and “Come Around,” enamoring people with their expert ability of weaving heavier, trap-inspired elements into an R&B canvas.