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Deadmau5 & Attlas talk technical: how the duo produced ‘Bad At Titles’

It’s no secret that deadmau5’s home studio is somewhat of a Disneyland for music production, outfitted with tools of the highest quality, and is notably the birth site of some of the newlywed’s most celebrated work. In a recent interview with Mixmag, deadmau5 and Attlas discussed working together in the studio to produce their collaboration “Bad At Titles.”

Facilitated in part by their proximity — “I was living down the road from Joel (Deadmau5) at the time” — and additionally by Ableton Link, a new feature in Ableton 9 that enables producers to link machines, propelling a remote collaboration to emerge as a single session.

“There were a couple of times where I would step back and he would mix my parts in. Certain moments I was really learning what kinds of plug-ins he uses and what’s on his master channel,” Attlas noted of the experience, not failing to express the expedited quality of the track’s production process: “Then all of a sudden we’re printing a master and having dinner listening to the new track.”

Delving deeper into the technical aspects of the song’s production, Deadmau5 observes that the pair used a Moog Voyager on “something” in the single, but otherwise, much of the production was “in the box” — that is, on the computer as opposed to analog.

When it came down to in studio challenges, Attlas found working with Deadmau5 to be a mind over matter experience: “The challenge was to not be intimidated by working with someone with Joel’s musical reputation, but I knew if I could get my head around that it would just be two guys having fun making music, and something great would happen.”

And “something great” indeed did happen, even if Attlas maintains that he’s “bad at titles,” a comment made in the naming process that would later, as we all know, become the song’s namesake.

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