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Dillon Francis to produce Spanish-language EDM album

Yes, you read that correctly. Having already proved a master of electronic dance music engineered in the English language, Dillon Francis has confirmed that his next musical endeavor will be the production of a “Spanish-language EDM album.” Francis’ gravitation towards Latin-inspired music has been evidenced by his recent remix of J. Balvin and Willy William’s “Mi Gente” and prior, his transformation of his smash G-Eazy collab, “Say Less,” into a Spanish version with Mexican rapper Serko Fu, “No Diga Más.”

Francis has been traveling extensively to log studio time with a variety of artists working within the Spanish style of music, including Puerto Rican vocalist Arcangel, Dominican rapper Fuego, Mexican singer-songwriter Ximena Sarinana, and Dominicano Grammy-nominated producer Happy Colors.

“A couple months ago, I traveled to the Dominican Republic, because it’s so hard to get vocals from a lot of the people there. You have to be in the place to get them into the studio, you gotta go there, and you have to have it ready — then they’ll come in and do it, but if you don’t have that, they’re like ‘nah,’” Francis said.

Francis did not share any further details regarding the timeframe for the album’s release, but given his diligent efforts to dig deep into the authenticity of the Spanish language’s musical culture, the album can only be expected to be a spicy sample of Francis’ cross-language, cross-genre abilities.

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