The Electronic Music Awards to pay tribute to Techno via performances, Detroit Dock stageScreen Shot 2017 09 12 At 7.36.53 PM

The Electronic Music Awards to pay tribute to Techno via performances, Detroit Dock stage

The inaugural edition of the Electronic Music Awards is shaping up to be a monumental production. As the ceremony honors nominees and award winners alike across eleven categories designed to recognize producers and performers, the EMAs will additionally celebrate the minds that birthed techno via the introduction of The Detroit Dock, an arena that will focus specifically on the development of Techno music. The Detroit Dock will feature performances from a variety of techno artists, including Juan Atkins, credited as the “godfather” of Techno, DJ Delano Smith, Robert Hood as Floorplan, and The Saunderson Brothers.

The spearhead of the techno musical movement, Atkins would forever alter the musical landscape not only of Belleville, Michigan, but of the entire music industry. Atkins’ product was pulled from a mix of Chicago House, Funk, Electro, and Electronic Jazz elements, then gaining momentum as Atkins spun Techno as Cybotron, Model 500, and Infiniti, various aliases.

Despite techno’s wide ranging reach and continuing popularity as a specific sound, the genre attributes much of its influence to Motor City, an accreditation that will be acknowledged via the Detroit Dock — its DJ booth is situated on a loading dock to mimic the city’s industrial ties.

The Electronic Music Awards is an awards ceremony that differs from any other awards show. The event, slated to take place at Willow Studios in the Downtown Arts District in Los Angeles on September 21st, will forfeit acceptance speeches and commercial breaks for non stop dancing and performances. While the EMAS are open to the public via RSVP here, those unable to attend can still catch the awards show via Sirius XM’s live stream, or alternatively, live on Twitter.

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