Exclusive: Hi I’m Ghost releases new EP titled, ‘Slumber Party’Hi Im Ghost Slumberparty

Exclusive: Hi I’m Ghost releases new EP titled, ‘Slumber Party’

Hi I’m Ghost has dropped an earth-shattering four track EP titled, Slumber Party. The striking collection of songs is another testament to the duo’s unique artistry, featuring an eclectic array of sounds and styles throughout each piece. Hi I’m Ghost captures an unmatched essence in Slumber Party, showcasing a breakthrough in the dubstep realm that is evident within the bold release.

The appropriately-titled first track on the EP, “Das Fuego,” is an explosion of colorful synths and powerful progressions of bass. Each successive drop features Hi I’m Ghost adding dimensions of sound with many intricate layers that keeps the listening on their toes.

“Uh-Oh” is more melodic in nature with interludes of piano riffs and alluring, distorted vocals. However, even as this track begins as more downtempo than the others, “Uh-Oh” is still infused with radiant energy. This piece specifically flaunts Hi I’m Ghost’s diverse production skills.

The next track, “Pray For Me,” shows off Hi I’m Ghost’s harder side with intense oscillating synths and a rugged bass line. “Pray For Me” varies from than the other tracks on the EP for it’s especially fierce sound and dynamic structure. With aggressive attention to detail, Hi I’m Ghost perfects all the moving parts to create an overwhelming momentum that is prominent throughout the track.

Rounding out the EP is “Boi,” boasting a captivating rhythmic structure with reggae and jazz influences, creating yet another style that the duo flexes. Featuring deep bursts of bass and high pitched echoing synths, “Boi” has several different elements that are tied together brilliantly by Hi I’m Ghost.

Sensational bass duo, Hi I’m Ghost have been garnering widespread support for their exhilarating, high intensity, and wildly unpredictable sound featured in each release. With an array of musical configurations showcased in each track, while staying true to their signature, spooky style, Hi I’m Ghost has won over the hearts of fans with a diversity in production that boasts a distinct, yet unmatched creativity that is being brought to the table by no one else.

‘Slumber Party’ is available for purchase here.

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