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Galantis show resilience in sophomore album, ‘The Aviary’

Galantis sophomore LP The Aviary had a serious standard to live up to.  The Swedish outfit’s debut album Pharmacy became an instant favorite upon its release, showing off their ability to capture the mainstream dance audience’s attention with authenticity, originality, and flat-out fun tracks.

That said, The Aviary proved the duo’s still got it and that they haven’t lost their way whatsoever musically. The album does solid work in showing new sounds featuring their old style, but also features songs with different angles that provide a healthy amount of surprise and rejuvenation. For example, their collaborative effort with ROZES sees the artists playing around in the downtempo arena, allowing vocals to become the centerpiece.

Galantis set off into the future as well with “Call Me Home” and “Salvage,” made alongside Poo Bear — each piece combines the band’s usual melodic and instrumental charm with a punchy future house canvas to create a veritable dance-floor weapon. Meanwhile, their true essence is shown through records like “True Feeling” and “Hello,” which serve as The Aviary’s euphoria-inducers and also reminders of why Galantis have become so famous in the first place.

The Aviary is offically out on all digital platforms.

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