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Ghastly and Swage combine for remix of IZII’s ‘Birds’

Looking back at the last decade, electronic and dance music has been fluctuating at a crazy rate, with a seemingly endless supply of new sounds and sub-genres popping up almost daily. So, it’s no surprise when someone like Ghastly begins to explore the new sound du jour. Now, who knows if Psytrance will have significant staying power, but it seems to be a trending tool utilized as a way to add endless bass and energy to a live festival set. We’ve seen it in recent sets by anyone from up and comer’s like k?d to A-lister’s like Dillon Francis.

Adding intense drum beats and significantly speeding up the tempo of the original, Ghastly teams up with LA-based producer Swage for this fiery remix of IZII‘s “Birds,” also featuring The Powder Room. Given its palpable energy, it won’t be a surprise for this remix to be a mainstay of sets going into next year.

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