Glitch Malta is a techno getaway on the shores of the MediterraneanG1

Glitch Malta is a techno getaway on the shores of the Mediterranean


Malta has been bubbling up as underground Europe’s coolest, barely touched party destination. It’s growing every year as a sun-kissed festival destination for those in the know. With beautiful weather, Malta’s intimate scale means you’re never far from its glittering Mediterranean coastline and the music scene remains a close-knit community. Its energetic, fun, and pretense free—the perfect setting for intimate parties, club nights, and now, festivals. It’s the perfect place for any music lovers’ holiday.

Easy and inexpensive travel from UK and Europe paired with affordable accommodations, delicious food, incredible weather, crystal clear waters and sites of natural beauty make Malta an easy choice. Plus a devoted community of DJ’s, producers and dancers have adventurous trail finders hailing Malta as an alternative Ibiza and Croatia’s, cooler, little sister location. It’s idyllic and unique, offering hidden island gems for those who seek to avoid the VIP culture flaunted on the White Island and the new restrictions it faces. Malta is like an undiscovered haven.


One such dance event that is making waves in the festival scene is Glitch Festival. Organized by the local heroes of Malta’s dance music scene, it’s a labour of love which champions native artists whilst also welcoming the world’s most sought after spinners. This year marks the festival’s second outing Running over two days, it’s an intimate affair held in Gianpula Field. The line-up makes no compromises, bringing house and techno’s elite alongside the underground’s most revered names like Jon Hopkins, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Palms Trax, DJ Stingray, Jupiter Jax.

As Glitch returns to Malta from September 7-9, we explore Malta with a guide to combining the festival with a holiday of your dreams.


Malta is a lesser known hotspot for quality electronic music; the Mediterranean island is an amazing base for culturally hungry, adventurous music lovers with a unique way of living and local delicacies to try. Ahead of the festival, it’s great to settle in and soak up the Maltese lifestyle by sampling some of its most recognized culinary offerings.

Local DJ and producer, Jupiter Jax, is a key player in Malta’s scene. Ahead of his return to Glitch, he recommends visitors to Malta try some of the local foodie staples. Pastizzi is the traditional savory pastry of Malta, usually filled with ricotta or mashed peas. You can find this snack in any town across the island. Fenek moqli’ is fried rabbit in garlic—a Maltese delicacy. It’s best to try this from a town like Mgarr, where many restaurants specialize in it. To round it off on a sweet note, Mqaret is a fried pastry filled with dates that makes for a tasty dessert or snack.


Malta is an amazing base for beach bums from across the world and Glitch’s Gianpula has a number of places to excursion to. Those needing a more laid-back day before the beats begin could head to the stunning beaches and soak up some sun. September still offers excellent swimming conditions. Ahead of the festival antics, visit the Coral Lagoon – an incredible, hidden gem. For more active pursuits, walk along the cliffs to get there, or rent a kayak from the closest beach at Armier bay.

In Malta, you are only 20 minutes away from the coast, no matter where you are. You can do some sight-seeing in the early afternoons, or soak up the sun at the beach and head-off to Glitch right after.

Glitch also has a series of boat parties, after the main event. An epic afters awaits, with Space Dimension Controller, DJ Seinfeld and Jupiter Jax sound tracking a voyage across the Mediterranean with warm fuzzy sun kissed house and blissed out beats give way to SDC bringing his cosmic sounds to sea.


Glitch Festival stands out as a the only non-commercial electronic music festival held in Malta. The production and venue chosen for Glitch sees Gianpula transformed into a house and techno haven. Gianpula Village is a locally loved hotspot in summer, hosting a number of one off events and weekly club nights, it caters throughout the season to all music tastes.

More off the beaten track, Crystal Palace in Rabat offers an authentic insight to Maltese life, it’s open 24/7 and dishes out the best traditional ‘Pastizzi’ on the island. Sample here and soak up the with local charm and décor and observe a few interesting characters. To truly kick back, head to Gozo, Malta’s sister island. Time slows down there.


Mediterranean sunsets give way to all night parties, where Malta’s nightlife culture and close knit community come together. Cain Farrugia, DJ and co-organiser of Glitch recommends watching the sun fall at Riviera Tower.
Glitch comes alive at night, with 3 stages – Fortress, Cosmic, Hydro – kicking off as the sun goes down with no letting up until it rises back up.

For blissed-out beats by day, Saturday’s rooftop opens at 4pm. The Fortress stage plays host to performances and sets from revered artists and DJs. The ancient fort comes to life with house, techno and experimental oddities. The high walls host light shows illuminating sonic odysseys from the likes of Jon Hopkins, Maceo Plex and Legowelt. Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann are set to whip up a hard-hitting frenzy, while Mr. G and Recondite will deliver funked-up live sets.

Saturday’s Rooftop party brings hazy summer vibes with Matleb paving the way for DJ Seinfeld. Cosmic and Hydro stages bring quirkier sounds and harder lines for discerning ears. DJ Stingray’s electro workout taking the Hydro into the early hours is sure to be a highlight, while Maltese DJ/Producers, Cain and Jupiter Jax, will spin their biggest sets in Malta this year.
For a breathtaking view after all night dancing, head out to Malta’s eastern shores to watch a scenic sunrise. Just 15 mins drive from the location for Glitch Festival. Anywhere along the seacoast of Sliema, St Julians, or the more isolated Xghajra would do.


Malta is one of a kind, and so is Glitch Festival. It’s intimate nature and unique setting ensures holiday-revelers can enjoy the country’s rich culture, sun-soaked coastlines and a stellar program showcasing quality electronic music, free of pretense in the epic house and techno fortress.

Jupiter Jax, local DJ and producer, leaves us off with the following:
“Glitch Festival is an extension of Malta’s real underground music scene to the big stage and has no doubt put Malta on the map as a new festival destination. It’s really exciting to see well-established names mixed in with upcoming talent across the globe.”

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