Hilary Clinton’s digital strategist was once a legit house producerHilary

Hilary Clinton’s digital strategist was once a legit house producer

Where is this chapter in “What Happened?

While Peter Daou is best known for his role as a cantankerous Twitter user and periphery political figure, it seems he has a clandestine history as… a serious house music producer? Daou has apparently got more than 400 production credits to his name on some of house music’s most revered classic labels including Nervous Records, Delicious Vinyl, and Nu Groove Records.

In recent years Daou’s legacy as a producer has been overshadowed by his political endeavors as the founder of Verrit, a left-leaning news publication, but his Discogs page is full of gems like this track from a Ministry of Sound pressing or this one for New Order. While Daou’s tracks garnered favor with the New York underground scene, he later left the booth to pursue political strategy after the 2000 election.

Daou worked on John Kerry’s presidential bid before signing on to team Clinton in 2006. He has served as her digital strategist and served as the “Internet Director” for her 2008 efforts. Well, okay.

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