Innovative duo Oliver release otherworldly album, ‘Full Circle’Oliver

Innovative duo Oliver release otherworldly album, ‘Full Circle’

LA based DJ and producer duo Oliver is known for their futuristic vibe infused with excerpts of classic instrumentation. Their brand new album, Full Circle, is an eclectic mix of styles that still maintains the duo’s signature sound. With an array of classic and novel variations, Oliver keeps listeners on their toes as each song transitions into the next surprising wave of euphoria.

The album opens with “Portrait,” a reverberating introduction that echoes harmonies into an escalation of bliss, delivering a preview of what is to come throughout the album. Along the way, Oliver’s style had evolved from the creation of the album to the finalized product that was released to the public.

The album took two years to finish so a lot can change in that amount of time. The first song “Ottomatic” was made almost three years ago where “Go With It” was made a month ago, in that amount of time of go through so many different phases of inspiration. Most of the more uptempo songs on the record were made early on, I think we just switched gears over the last year and started getting back into soul and R&B music. Over all I think our production choices a engineering kind of bring it all together.

Their sound can best be described as upbeat, high-energy, and incorporates a variety of stylistic elements including funky, jazzy and R&B feels, all amped up by electronic beats. Oliver has also introduced Chromeo, Elohim, Yelle and others into the album, creating entirely unique sentiments within each track. The result is simply stunning.

We’ve always loved collaboration with other artists but in the past it’s mostly been us producing for their records. This time we kind of got to lead the way which was really fun. In the past we were more track driven, meaning we didn’t work with vocalists a lot, so that took a while to adjust to. We have so much love and admiration for everybody we worked with so that made the song writing process easy.

The duo does not hold back when it comes to putting their ideas on the line. Unafraid of the unknown, they venture right into uncharted territory by experimenting with a style so distinct and incomparable that each piece flows effortlessly and is packed with pleasant surprises.

We make honest music that comes from a place of love. This album is us doing exactly what we wanted, just being ourselves and getting to try a lot of different ideas.

One of the most notable tracks on the album is “At Night,” a moving, colorful original that has a simple yet dimensional melody, calming builds, and an overall relaxed feel. They explain the formation of the dynamic piece that happened to be a long process, but was well worth the wait.

No favorites, [on the album] I can’t really be objective about my own music unfortunately. I guess right now I like “At Night,” it was a really simple demo that we did back in 11′ and we always kept coming back to it, I was so happy to finally finish and release it.

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