James Franco’s band goes electronic with new remix albumDaddy Selfie Band Pic 2016

James Franco’s band goes electronic with new remix album

Actor James Franco, (mostly) famous for his ridiculous on-screen antics, is also known for his ever expanding interest in other forms of entertainment. Having released a book of short stories, indulged in live theater, and modeled, Franco decided to take a shot at music in 2016. After dropping an album with his two-man band Daddy last year, the actor has decided to put an electronic spin on the project by releasing a series of remixes.

Featuring takes from Prince Rama, Concret, and the other half of the duo, Tim O’Keefe, Let Me Get What I Want (The Remixes) adds a variety of electronic stylings to the originally hazy alt-rock project. City of the Jaguar starts off the album with a dance-pop take on “I Am All These Things.” The lead single, “You Are Mine,” gets a driving techno treatment from B. Trust, while Tim O’Keefe brings his funky taste to his remix of “I’m A Sword Swallower.” While this project may be surprising to see coming from Franco, his apparent desire for a diverse artistic portfolio means we may be seeing his name even more frequently.

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