Jukely alters subscription structure, caps number of monthly shows for subscribersScreen Shot 2017 09 21 At 10.31.38 AM

Jukely alters subscription structure, caps number of monthly shows for subscribers

Change is on the horizon for Jukely subscribers. The concert membership service that proudly offered subscribers access to an unlimited number of shows per month has repealed its previous structure in favor of new guidelines that will go into effect on October 1st.

Whereas Jukely’s prior organization allowed its members to pay a $25 monthly fee to attend an unrestricted series of shows supported by the service, Jukely’s revised stipulations will restrict the number of concerts that a Jukely member can attend monthly. The monthly show limit will be determined in accordance with the monthly membership rate paid by a given member: members paying the standard $25/month can claim 4 spots [shows] per month, those paying $35/month can claim 5, those paying $45 may claim 8, and those paying $65/month can claim 10 spots per month. Annual members are permitted to claim 5 spots per month, Annual+1 members may reserve 10 spots. Bonus shows, however, will not count towards a Jukely user’s monthly spot allocation.

Jukely emphasizes that the changes to the service’s structure will engender greater “variety” and “selection” of Jukely supported concerts, while simultaneously freeing up spaces to the shows. Subscribers that continue to use Jukely signal their agreement to the platform’s updated terms through their extended use.

Needless to say, current Jukely subscribers are far from happy with the service’s new limitations:

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