Legendary Icelandic singer Björk opens up on her relationship with Aphex TwinBjork

Legendary Icelandic singer Björk opens up on her relationship with Aphex Twin

Multi-talented Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk has been a consistently fantastic musical force since her emergence in the 90s, racking up numerous hits and gaining a religious following over the course of her mammoth, decades-long career.

One of the more interesting aspects of her colorful career is her long-standing relationship with legendary British producer Aphex Twin. In a recent interview with Red Bull Music Academy, she fondly recalled how they first crossed paths in 1995, and their friendship has stood the test of time. Björk also revealed that, “Me and Richard we still send each other songs all the time.”

She also credits Aphex Twin for helping her grow as an artist, “Richard has always been incredibly supportive of me and has emailed me a couple of times and told me about equipment that he knew I would get into. For example, he told me about the Korg 4-track dictaphone that helped me a lot to make ‘Medúlla.’ ”

While there’s no mention of a collaboration between the two forthcoming, the mere fact that the two have an active habit of bouncing ideas off each other, it’s difficult not to imagine what could be on the horizon.

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