Lemaitre (feat. Maty Noyes) – Higher (Remixes)P01br6zn

Lemaitre (feat. Maty Noyes) – Higher (Remixes)

Lemaitre has released the remixes for their single “Higher” from Jerry Folk, WNDR, and ZERB.

Jerry Folk’s remix has a nostalgic texture to it, while WNDR and ZERB’s remixes are futuristic. Folk superbly crafts melodies and depth within his remix by manipulating the vocals. By bringing the energy down a notch, Folk gives us a smooth, panning organ the brings the listener even higher.

WNDR’s futuristic, upbeat remix heavily utilizes keys and unique synths throughout. He pulls inspiration from deep house and tropical house vibes, allowing a wispy breeze effect to carry the listener through the duration of his edit.

Finally, ZERB’s minimalistic take on “Higher” utilizes more percussion to exemplify the movement of the piece. Deep house influences shine throughout as well, which assist in the remix’s elevation when paired modern orchestral elements the rising talent also used.

All three of these superb remixes offer quite a dynamic listening experience.


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