Let them eat lobster: Google employees took Burning Man ‘glamping’ to the next levelBurning Man

Let them eat lobster: Google employees took Burning Man ‘glamping’ to the next level

Burning Man is what many describe as a spiritual, transcendent experience that happens once a year in the Black Rock Desert. This year, the event has been garnering attention for one peculiar reason. Somehow, a small group of Google employees brought a 10-pound box of live lobsters to the desert. This bougie dining plan was one that was difficult to carry out.

“I would guess by talking to the guys from Google that they thought it was a really cool idea to say, ‘Hey we got Maine lobsters all the way from the East Coast from the cold waters of Maine out here to the desert…’ it was $139.58 to ship eight to 10 lobsters to California” -David Sullivan, manager of Lobster 207

To execute this plan, the group organized an overnight shipment of fresh lobsters to the Google office located in Sunnyvale, California one week ahead of Burning Man. Shortly after this ingenious idea came together, they began their two day road trip to reach the remote destination, and when they got to the Desert the feast ensued. With the efforts they put forth, the Google employees took ‘glamping’ to the next level with their creative scheme.

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