Listen to Four Tet’s ethereal new mix on BBC’s ‘Late Junction’Fourtet240815 1

Listen to Four Tet’s ethereal new mix on BBC’s ‘Late Junction’

Four Tet‘s new album is hitting internet platforms and airwaves on September 29. In preparation for New Energy’s arrival, the producer extraordinaire stopped by the BBC Radio 3 studio to deliver an hour and a half long exclusive mix that delved into his most eclectic record collection.

Hebden described the mix as such: “I’ve specifically picked out things that have been a strong influence on my music.” It offers a taste of the kind of things he’s been listening to throughout the creation of the new record and beyond, condensed into a cohesive, 90-minute journey.

Additionally, he also recently released a breathtaking new single from his upcoming LP titled ‘Scientists,’ which continues to show off his knack for experimental electronica and tech.

Listen to Four Tet’s mix here.


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