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Lorde taps SZA, Khalid & Post Malone for explosive ‘Homemade Dynamite’ remix

Lorde never disappoints. Just this month, the pop star performed an interpretative dance rendition of “Homemade Dynamite” at the VMAs as opposed to not performing at all, since she was suffering from the flu. While some viewers found it discomforting to watch the singer prance silently across the stage, Lorde did it with radiating joy. Later speaking about the performance, the artist stated, “It’s sort of embarrassing to watch someone experience intense joy. Way more than pain… and I think that’s why people find what I do quite disconcerting.”

Now, the artist’s delivered on her promise to drop a star-studded remix of the track. Enlisting a healthy entourage of music’s best, Lorde’s tapped her tourmate Khalid, along with SZA and Post Malone, for the “Homemade Dynamite” reworking.

While the original was already an infectious pop tune about finding love at a party, the three new additions each add their own stories to the track. Khalid’s sweet vocals tell the story of the partygoer too high to drive, “I wanna feel the light, pushin’ our limits/Unbuckled for the ride, mhmm/We’re way too far from home/Let’s be honest with ourselves, we’re way too high to drive/So let’s take on the night.” Post Malone brings the track home, “Walk, never fall, but we still run/So pour up, pour up another one/I know, I know we on to somethin’/We got, we got a loaded gun, yeah/Go and shoot me the look in your eyes/And you’re here, I’m yours, you’re mine/Find each other when we’re losin’ our minds.” SZA schemes to steal another woman’s boyfriend by sending his girl out to the store.

Of course, the three each bring something different to the track. Post Malone pulls off a convincing run as a pop singer, and the resulted reworking is a dreamy hit. The remix will likely dominate the airwaves just like the original did in no time.

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