Maceo Plex revives his Maetrik moniker after five years for ‘Cortex 11-B’Maceo Ple Members Only

Maceo Plex revives his Maetrik moniker after five years for ‘Cortex 11-B’

Eric Estornel has taken measures throughout his career to avoid becoming stylistically stagnant, or pigeonholed to a certain genre. However, 2017 has perhaps seen the artist explore his varied inspirations more proactively than ever before. This past June, Estornel released his second Maceo Plex album, Solar, on his recently-minted Lone Romantic imprint.

Estornel’s new album and label are both efforts to combat the homogeneity that pervades much of his musical catalogue in favor of more narrative-driven compositions. However, it’s clear that he hasn’t fully abandoned the invigorating brand of club-controlling productions which has defined much of his career.

2012 marked Estornel’s last release as Maetrik, the moniker through which he first gained traction in the techno community prior to Damian Lazarus facilitating his Maceo Plex rebranding. Five years later, he’s unexpectedly revived his old project with plans to put forth a new EP, appropriately titled Return. 

Upon its September 29 release, the two-track record will effectively launch Clash Lion, an imprint devised by the trio of TERR, Daniel Watts, and noted Maceo Plex protégé Shall Ocin. Ahead of the EP, Maetrik shows off the sonic character with “Cortex 11-B,” an unflinching techno track characterized by metallic synthesis and buoyant, upbeat rhythms.

A strict return to the Maetrik sound, the track may surprise those who began following Estornel in recent years because of its deviation from the melodic emphasis of his Maceo Plex project. However, the artist’s skilled sound design shines through as brightly as ever in “Cortex 11-B,” and stokes anticipation among the techno community for the EP’s unreleased second cut, “Ninex 7-C.”

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