This man has amassed a collection of more than 600,000 vinyl records

This man has amassed a collection of more than 600,000 vinyl records

Gavin Godbold’s record collection must be inching towards world record status in terms of its expanse. Godbold fondly titles himself a “die-hard collector,” his status as such solidified by his placement of eight record players at various locations in his home, each ready to play any one of Godbold’s more than 600,000 vinyl albums.

Godbold’s passion for music has been lifelong: “My cousin was doing music, and he noticed when music was playing, I would stop carrying on and crying.” The soothing effect of music has since persisted, leading Godbold to collect vinyl albums for a total of fifty-years. “I love the feel, the covers, the sound, the smell of the vinyl. It has its own special smell,” Godbold states of the records.

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Whereas many presume that vinyl is enjoying a comeback, Godbold counters that vinyl “never died” to begin with. “There’s a depth and warmth [to vinyl]. The sound quality on vinyl is just unbelievable,” Godbold remarks. The comment is especially credible given its origin, the statement coming from a man who boasts a stockpile of more than 600,000 records, the vinyl collection canvassing all different kinds of musical styles and genres. “(People should listen to) everything by The Beatles, early Cold Chisel, and I’m an AC/DC fan for life,” Godbold says of his own preferences.

As vinyl sales continue to ascend, Godbold’s store of vinyl records commensurately grows in value, but Godbold has no intention of selling the assortment, noting that he will instead pass the collection down to his children, an inheritance that will live on equally as long as Godbold’s love for music.

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