MUST DIE! drops highly anticipated ‘Forever Digital’ EPNSD 1000

MUST DIE! drops highly anticipated ‘Forever Digital’ EP

Coming off his “Hyper Future” tour and a summer of festival appearances, MUST DIE! has retained his status as a bass music powerhouse that he established upon entry into the scene in 2011. Now, returning to the studio, the American dubstep pioneer has shared his new Forever Digital EP.

The Never Say Die artist’s versatile sound design can be found all over the project. “Shibuya Overdrive” brings the listener in with an emotive synth before dropping into choppy, hard-hitting dubstep heat. MUST DIE! continues channeling his signature sound on the animated yet intense “Ultra Beam.” The Seattle-based artist flexes his bass-house stylings on “Weapon,” a track as gritty as it is bouncy, before bringing the EP to a close with the unrelenting “Nova Machine.” The Forever Digital EP is the artist’s second offering of 2017 and is sure to captivate his die-hard fans and dubstep enthusiasts for time to come.

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