Now police can tell if you’ve done coke by your fingerprint. Seriously.Screen Shot 2017 09 26 At 12.44.01 PM

Now police can tell if you’ve done coke by your fingerprint. Seriously.

Fingerprints are the new frontier of forensic drug tests, it seems as scientists have designed a new test that enables police to determine whether someone has used cocaine in seconds, merely by fingerprinting them.
Scientists based out of the Netherlands and the UK organized the test around use of a special kind of paper that registers chemicals present in a person’s sweat, namely those that form when cocaine metabolizes in one’s system. The test is said to be 99% accurate in its results.
The new finger print based test is especially attractive to scientists and law enforcement officials alike due to its non invasive nature; other prevalent and comparatively more invasive test methods include drawing blood, using saliva and/or urine samples. The test’s appeal extends by considering its extensive scope—the paper testing method is capable of detecting the use of other drugs, not just cocaine.
Although the test produces astonishingly accurate results in a matter of minutes, scientists are already at work on a 30-second method.

Dr. Melanie Bailey of Surrey University emphasizes the revolutionary quality of the test, noting “…as with previous methods we have developed, it is non-invasive, hygienic and can’t be faked—by the nature of the test, the identity of the subject, and their drug use is all captured within the sample itself.”
As Bailey emphasizes, the test cannot be faked, meaning that scrubbing one’s hands won’t rid one’s prints of the telling signs of cocaine use.

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