Monstergetdown & Rinzen devastate with techno weapon, ‘Paradox’Parado Monstergetdown Rinzen

Monstergetdown & Rinzen devastate with techno weapon, ‘Paradox’

When two of Mau5trap’s newest LA signees combine together, the result is nothing short of impeccable. Made with solely a drum machine and a Moog, Rinzen and Monstergetdown have created a wickedly powerful techno weapon in “Paradox.”

“Paradox” begins with a cunning analogue arpeggio, immediately setting a tense tone as added layers of percussion begin creeping into auditory range like a lion hunting its prey. While the piece is simplistic in the elements used, its arrangement is where the collaborators’ true brilliance shines. Sparse, yet effective samples hit at opportune moments to bolster its chilling atmosphere, while the biggest instance of melody throughout its entirety conjures up sinister mental imagery.

The track is officially out now on Monstergetdown’s EP for Mau5trap, 28mm. Order here.


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