Pioneer’s announced a new line of DJ headphones and they’re ridiculously impressive

Pioneer‘s operating on a higher frequency. Their latest line of HDJ-X headphones literally goes above and beyond.

While the cutting edge company is boasting its “super durability” in three brand new models, its most impressive feat is that Pioneer is now producing headphones capable of frequencies never before achieved by any single pair of DJ headphones. At a range of 5hz to 40khz, the HDJ-X10 is a mighty fine pair of headphones. So good, actually, that some of the finest DJs in the world have backed them up before they’re even on the market.  Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez , and James Zabiela have all already endorsed the new range of HDJ-X headphones.

The new line will sell three models ranging in affordability from the tighter budget HDJ-X5, to a mid-range HDJ-X7, and the pro HDJ-X10. Super durability, however, is across the board as all three pairs have gone through US military shock compliance tests to ensure that they are tough even to withstand the most reckless of users. Similar to SOL Republic’s bendable headband, Pioneer’s HDJ-X line will withstand the same treatment.

The professional X10 model also comes equipped with a nano coating on the leather ear pads and headband cushion, meaning the headphones are sweat-resistant, essentially they won’t deteriorate. Pioneer claims this is also a first for the company.

Each of the models on the new HDJ-X headphone line will be available in black and silver, feature swivel mechanisms, detachable cables, and to some degree, replaceable mechanisms.  Pioneer’s new HDJ-X line will be available in October with the HDJ-X10 priced at $349, the HDJ-X7 at $199, and the HDJ-X5 at $99.

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Featured images via Pioneer. 

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