Popular YouTube audio ripping website ‘youtube-mp3’ has been shut downYoutube Logo 2017

Popular YouTube audio ripping website ‘youtube-mp3’ has been shut down

The world’s largest audio ripping site, youtube-mp3.org ,has been shut down after a consortium of labels including Warner Music Group, Sony Music, and UMG filed a lawsuit to shutter the site. Unsurprisingly, the ruling went in favor of the music labels, with the website ordered to pay a substantial settlement fee, as well as transfer its domain name to the plaintiffs.

Audio ripping is one of the most popular forms of piracy in the music world, and youtube-mp3.org accounts for “upwards of 40 percent” of all illegal audio-rips, according to the RIAA. The claim put forward by the music labels cited 305 instances of illegally ripped tracks, including Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ and sought $100,000 for every instance of proven copyright infringement.

Although the site is still functional, users cannot access its audio ripping algorithm, as it simply displays the message, “We are sorry, this service is not available from your jurisdiction.”

H/T: Verge

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