Powerhouse vocalist Terri B! roars on latest OLWIK collab “Baby Can I Hold You”Baby Can I Hold You

Powerhouse vocalist Terri B! roars on latest OLWIK collab “Baby Can I Hold You”

There have been a handful of standout vocalists that have come to define a vocal heavy era of dance music. Chris Willis, known for his songs with Calvin Harris, Nadia Ali’s sultry melodies first popularized by Avicii, and frequent Hardwell collaborator, Australia’s Amba Shepherd all come to mind.

Terri B! is one of these vocal standouts, and her track record proves it. Releasing music since 2005, Terri is a staple of the club track scene. She has been featured on releases from the likes of Laidback Luke and Thomas Gold, coming into her own on Cazzette‘s “Blind Heart.” In 2015, she was the first person to top the Billboard Club songs chart twice, and she reached that milestone again earlier this year with Ralphi Rosario on the track “Anthem of House.”

With her latest release, Terri sees herself collaborating with Sweden’s OLWIK for the second time since their debut—2015’s “Fight No More.”

Terri has said that there has never been a more suitable song for her voice to cover, despite feeling the pressures unique to covering Tracy Chapman’s distinct vocals.

“This song is one of the top ten most beloved songs I have ever performed for an audience,” said Terri of the track “and OLWIK brilliantly found a way to deliver this charming version with soul and passion.”

“Baby Can I Hold You” starts off sweet and understated, as if to pay reverence to the original but Terri B!’s soulful vocals soon give way to a disco-house bassline, combined with the synth-laden melody that has come to define OLWIK’s recent productions. The track excels when these elements combine with the punchy piano key melody, offering just the right reminder that this is in fact a 2017 remake.


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