Premiere: Fur Coat fashion celestial remix of Bastian Bux’ ‘Lights’IMG 5448

Premiere: Fur Coat fashion celestial remix of Bastian Bux’ ‘Lights’

Fur Coat are proven masters in manipulating sound to fit their brooding, melodic aesthetic. After a successful run thus far in which the Venezuelan outfit landed on the likes of Last Night On Earth, Crosstown Rebels, and more, they found themselves tapped by Suara player Bastian Bux to fashion a re-work of his new A-side, “Lights.”

Bux laid an excellent foudation of sinister mysticism on his original, which is enhanced by the vocals of Kyla Millette, but Fur Coat took things to the next level. Their rendition immediately anchors those listening with eerie, drawn out notes and punchy kicks. Millette’s vocals fit equally well when dressed in darkness, one finds, as her voice wraps around the piece’s instrumental layers to create a hair-raising effect.

Chilling to its core, “Lights (Fur Coat Remix)” exemplifies why the duo have such a strong hold over the dance community despite their brief time in the spotlight.


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