Rødhåd previews the harrowing ‘Escape’ ahead of his debut album, ‘Anxious’Rødhåd Anious Artwork

Rødhåd previews the harrowing ‘Escape’ ahead of his debut album, ‘Anxious’

Few artists can capture the stylistic extremes of techno with as much thoughtful artistry as Rødhåd. The onetime German architect has a unique talent for capturing melodic beauty through subdued tones and complex structure. Simultaneously, he’s able to create an atmosphere of utter, atonal chaos with unmatched ferocity.

One could argue that Rødhåd’s music is far from accessible to most listeners; undeniably, he’s an acquired taste. Yet, the Berghain regular perhaps better epitomizes the notion of proper techno than any other artist currently making waves in the broadly reaching genre.

Rødhåd’s myriad artistic achievements make the news of his forthcoming debut album, Anxious, all the more exciting. In an era that mistakes progressive and deep house for techno more than it acknowledges the genre in its truest form, a full length studio effort from someone of the German producer’s caliber is much needed.

With close to two months remaining until October 20, when Anxious will arrive on the artist’s Dystopian imprint, he’s provided a glimpse of the album by sharing “Escape.” Listed as a “track preview,” the seven-minute piece tests the limits of Rødhåd’s abilities to create a bleak, unsettling sonic universe while also remaining in what is, by all accounts, a more melodic realm for him.

Preview “Escape” and view the Anxious tracklist below:

Tracklist (Via Resident Advisor):

1. Unleash
2. Withheld Walk
3. Escape
4. Brief Respite
5. Awash
6. Glimmer Of Light
7. Target Line feat. Vril
8. Burst
9. Left Behind
10. Cast A Shadow

Featured artwork by Matthias Wehofsky.

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