Stream ODESZA’s euphoric third studio album, ‘A Moment Apart’Odesza

Stream ODESZA’s euphoric third studio album, ‘A Moment Apart’

Five years ago, ODESZA‘s tender arrangements took the indie-electro airwaves by storm. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight crafted a euphoric utopia previously unearthed amongst their contemporaries. Their debut, Summer’s Gone, and it’s classic tracks like “How Did I Get Here” and “IPlayYouListen” breathed life into a market largely over-saturated with stark similarities. In an act that has since become quintessential to the group, the synthesis of their Seattle indie-folk roots with soaring electronic synths has begat an impressively instrumental body of work.

Now, ODESZA’s third studio album is finally here, which draws on the duo’s established stylistic approach, stunning vocals, and a willingness to experiment with these elements, to create an awe-inspiring euphoric end product. From the sweet, vocal assistance of Naomi Wild on the track, “Higher Ground,” to the stand out experimental pieces like “Across The Room” and “Just A Memory,” to the ominous production professionalism of “Late Night,” A Moment Apart dictates a cohesive moment for a group that’s intersected world’s much closer together than they’re given credit.


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